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'Beyond Trauma'
21 Inspiring Online Modules To Visualise, Achieve And Live Your Goals
When I originally wrote 'Beyond Trauma' a couple of years ago, it was a program called 'Create Your Future' that I was using with clients to help them grow themselves within their business. 

But what we found, is they were learning how to let go of issues that were holding them back.

After that, I found myself working more and more with people who suffered from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. 

Everything contained within it has worked for me, and I now have an amazing and enjoyable life. 

You will discover the same when you go through this program. But it won't work if you haven't chosen to change. It would be a waste of your time and money.

If you want to stop seeing a counsellor, and stop reliving pain, you MUST make that decision right now. 

This is not some "how to do personal development" program. This shows you how to reprogram your thinking. 

You'll see.......
  • The key is to make a commitment to yourself. This is why others fail, and why you can succeed;
  • Set a level of expectation and participation. Doing so will let your unconscious know that you are committed;
  •  Know the precise outcome you want. You can't get what you want if you don't know what it is;
  •  Discover your Unconscious Mind. Learn how your Values, Beliefs and habits are guided from that place;
  •  Relax and be guided through a hypnotic journey. One that will help you to create and visualise your future;
  •  You will learn the power of gratitude and thankfulness. And how it can have positive influence on your life;
  •  You will understand why you do things the way you do. The tools you get here will develop powerful habit building strategies;
  •  You will learn how to set short and long term goals. I'll show you some new methods to not only set goals, but how to achieve them;
  •  Discover the power of visualisation... When your Unconscious knows exactly what you want, it will do whatever it can to help you get it
This is a program that's life changing..... Seriously. 
If you follow and practice the steps, the only outcome will be leaving the scars, the pain, and the panic behind -, and you will gain inner peace as you start to build the happy outcomes you deserve.
I've Also Included These 
Because sometimes it might take a little bit more than just the program to get the deeper problems removed 
After years of learning how to understand the Unconscious Mind, my partner Kelly has mastered how to communicate with it.
She has created this 'Improve Your Sleep' eBook and hypnotic audio to help you get deep and relaxing sleep every night. 
Sleeping well and waking refreshed is essential to heal the mind heal. When this happens, your anxiety diminishes and you can make better and clearer decisions.
Here's what you'll learn....
  •  Giving your sleep environment a complete overhaul
  •  The effects of electrical devices whilst you sleep 
  •  What NOT to eat and drink before bed
  •  That Night Terrors will vanish
  •  You CAN get back to sleep if you wake through the night
  •  You WILL wake up refreshed for a new day
$197 Value - Included FREE
This is where we stand out from the rest and get real and fast results.
'Trauma Emotion Removal' is another hypnotic audio that communicates with your Unconscious Mind.

You see, most therapy communicates with your Conscious Mind, and it cannot tap into and release the deep core issues that have you thinking the way you do.
How This Works....
  •  This is not for going to sleep with. But you will doze off
  •  You will be brought out of hypnotherapy at the end 
  •  Any core issues (Root Causes) to events will be found
  •  The negative emotional attachments will be dissolved
  •  The events will eventually have no painful meaning
  •  You can use this as often a you like
$97 Value - Included FREE
How To Move Away From PTSD
3 Steps In 10 Minutes WILL Change Your Life
This guide will take you step by step to discovering EXACTLY what mindset you are in, and how to change it. Are you at CAUSE or EFFECT...?
$27 Value - Included FREE
We know these tools will help you remove your PTSD.
We have the results to prove it.
And we understand that sometimes it is good to check in with someone.
As a bonus, you get 3 Months Email Access to one of our trained coaches to help you with any questions.

This Bonus is also FREE, but what price do we put on it?
I love getting comments like this
This technique isn't about doing it and the next minute you are completely recovered .... 
It's about working at a pace the way you need and getting the results you want.
For example, when I experienced my trauma, I made a very strong decision to keep moving forward and it was staying focused on that, even when I felt getting drawn back, that got me through. 

Others have done the same. Yet some have found the journey a bit harder, but eventually eliminating their pain by using these tools more often and 'checking in' to stay focused.

Sometimes you just have to test different ways of using these tools to find which works best for you.

I tell this to keep you level headed about what I am offering.

These resources work. And all you have to do is put the commitment to make them work for your situation.
'Beyond Trauma' is just $147
The time you spend in mainstream therapy could cost you hundreds or even thousands of times more. Let alone with medication on top of that.
I do this for a living.

So I know all about the time and effort it takes going through therapy. I hear about it every day. It's a  nightmare.

Now let me ask you a question… How many times have you ended up in a therapists chair, waiting for something to change?

Isn’t THAT frustrating?

To spend hour after hour reliving the same past events, and thinking you’re actually healing them.

Then to wake up a day, a week, a month later and realize you’re feeling no different. Waiting rooms are littered with failed patients working with well intentioned therapists. Talk about a reality check.

There are ways you can significantly increase your chances at success.

Carefully choosing your own resources and retraining your own thinking is definitely one of those ways.

So before you start thinking that $147 is too much to spend on my time-tested advice, I want you to carefully consider the far greater costs it takes to endure years of therapy and medication.

$1000… $10,000… $50,000? What about relationships? Your career? Your happiness?

If you’re satisfied with your existing arrangement, I wish you nothing but luck.

But if you want to remove your suffering faster, then stick with me. I’ll show you everything you need to know.
I Am Now Free Of PTSD
“For decades I’d looked for a way to end my suffering but I was unable to do so. Then I found this material. Studying it, and with Hamish’s focused coaching, I am now free of PTSD. That means no more nightmares, no flashbacks, much of my anger vanished and my overall health improved.”
NATHAN, Mexico
After using the 'Beyond Trauma' program and the bonuses, and you feel you aren't satisfied with the results. 
I will gladly refund 100% of the money you have paid.
I want you to be as amazed with this technique as I am. 
If you're not, then it's your full right to request and receive a full refund, that's my promise to you
'Beyond Trauma' is an online video course, and you'll have full access to the Membership Site to download the videos and read the PDF's.

When you receive it, print out the PDF's and work through them at each step.

You will also have full access to all the Bonuses as well.

You can begin putting theses tools to work immediately. It’s a very straightforward process. And it’s explained in a step-by-step fashion.

If you have any questions or problems, you will be able to email me for full support.

I will look forward to helping you.

Hamish Bayston
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